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Lawyer Disqualification: Conflicts of Interest and Other Bases is the long-awaited second nationwide treatise by one of America’s leading experts on that subject. In Lawyer Disqualification the author considers in painstaking detail all of the grounds for seeking to disqualify a lawyer or firm – including conflicts of interest. Mr. Flamm also discusses the procedure for filing and deciding disqualification motions, the available defenses to disqualification, vicarious disqualification, appellate review of adverse disqualification orders, and many other relevant topics.


Flamm provides his audience of legal scholars, counselors, and jurists with a concise and solid overview of the law of attorney and law firm disqualification.Lawyer Disqualification is a wise purchase and sound investment for academic, firm, judicial and even county law libraries.”
– Law Library Journal 96:1 (Winter, 2004)

Lawyer Disqualification

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