NEW! Richard E. Flamm’s popular treatise, Lawyer Disqualification: Conflicts of Interest and Other Bases, is in the process of being revised, updated and divided into two volumes.

The first volume, which is due to be released in mid- to late November, 2013 will be entitled Lawyer Disqualification (Second Edition): Disqualification of Attorneys and Firms. This book is expected to be approximately 1,340 pages long, and will be priced at $329.00.

For more information, or to place an order for this title, please call or fax Linda Whitman at (510) 849-0145, or email her at

The second book, which is tentatively titled Conflicts of Interest in the Practice of Law: Causes and Consequences, is currently scheduled to be released in Summer of 2014. No pricing information is yet available for this title.

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